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The L’Axler HD Pro, an American alternative, hides all skin imperfections perfectly. It unites the skin color. It covers dark circles. Reduces fine lines around the eye. Resistant to wrinkle and planning gives a natural shape and fullness to the area under the eye improvement shows that the area is tight. Its coverage is medium to high and can be built. Its stability is long and once it works for occasions. Suitable for all kinds of skins

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To use it and get the best results, the color of the green conceller should be open from the skin tone of your face to one or two degrees and then put it on your clean face free of make-up using a brush or tip of your finger. You can then place another major concealer under the eyes to get an equally homogeneous degree of skin color. Plus you can put a powder for a spread over it to install it and then you end up with your makeup by lighting after the foundation cream

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Dimensions 7 × 3 × 1 cm


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